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3DS: Take Two

This past weekend began a period of getting (re) acquainted with my 3DS, and it’s been great so far:

I’ve been getting reacquainted with the Nintendo 3DS over the past few days. I’ve had one here that I’ve held onto for awhile; I got a good deal on it at Best Buy about a year ago and pulled the trigger, but really didn’t use it much… until this past weekend.

The reasons for this renewed interest are twofold:

First, I heard about the Super Smash Bros.demo, which had early access codes released…

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Consoleation Time Machine: Mortal Kombat Thoughts

Consoleation Time Machine: Mortal Kombat Thoughts

When I talked about notable September 9th releases yesterday, I totally forgot to mention the 20th anniversary of the Mortal Kombat II port for consoles. I thought I’d write a little about it now, before Shao Kahn finds out and kicks my butt.

For starters, I should make it clear that I’m a Street Fighterguy. Back in the early 1990s, people who played fighting games were in one of two camps: you…

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A few things…

A few things:

1. Social media presence: After this automated post– notifying you that I posted this blog entry– I’m pretty much done with Twitter, at least for awhile. It’s no longer a fun place for me to share thoughts, ideas, and other stuff. I’ve decided against deleting my Twitter account for now, based on feedback from some friends, and I’ll reevaluate this decision in the future. If you…

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Shooting Straight: Gamers Are Bad People (Again)

Shooting Straight: Gamers Are Bad People (Again)

There was a time that when being a “gamer” had negative connotations– especially in the 1980s and even the early 1990s.

Video games were for kids or for nerds/geeks back then, based on reactions I got in high school and beyond. Classmates thought less of me because I played video games instead of sports. My mom wasn’t at all a fan of my video gaming hobby and constantly pleaded with me to spend…

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Shooting Straight: We Are Community

Where 140-character tweets fail, a blog post does a better job of conveying some personal feelings:

There’s a whole lot of… stuff going on when it comes to the video game scene lately. It’s causing a lot of divisiveness, a lot of emotion, a lot of finger-pointing, and a lot of negativity.

I’m not writing this to discuss any of that stuff. I’m writing this for a different reason.

See, you and I, we probably have video games in common. Somehow. We may like different genres, or maybe we play on…

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Shooting Straight: Retro Unscripted Post-Mortem

My decision to terminate the Retro Unscripted project elicited a very personal explanation of what’s been happening:

Deleting the Twitter account for Retro Unscripted this morning was one of the most difficult things that I’ve done in a long time.

I went into the project excited; I thought that I had a pretty decent idea for a web series, and I thought that it would put me kind of on the same page as the other YouTube and video personalities that I admire so much. I had a fair amount of material to talk about…

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Shooting Straight: It’s Okay To Be Sorry

The latest community controversy compelled me to write about potentially offending people & being okay to apologize:

There’s been some (more?) unfortunate Internet controversy in the YouTube community.

A term was used by a prominent YouTube personality that offended some people. Upon hearing/reading the criticism, the personality decided to double down and assume a defensive position as opposed to acknowledging the concerns of those who were offended. He tried to redirect the offended persons to something else…

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Because Nobody Asked: So You Want To Write About Video Games For a Living?

So you’re thinking of writing about video games for a living? You might want to think twice about chasing that dream:

So there were some pretty serious layoffs at GameSpot this week. There are two members of the site’s editorial (written content) staff left. The rest– several of whom had 5+ years of experience there– were terminated.

This should be a wake-up call for those thinking about pursuing a career in gaming press. It’s not necessarily a call to stop dreaming and stop trying, but it is a call to be very…

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Shooting Straight: Commentoxicity

I wrote a bit about how the toxicity of comments on Internet content has finally pushed me away:

I enjoy writing.

I’ve done it for a good number of years now. It’s the method of communication that I’m most comfortable with… and, honestly, it’s the way that I express myself the best. When I speak, I sometimes stammer or let loose with a flurry of “ummm”s and “ahhhh”s. If you watched any of my Retro Unscriptedvideos, you probably noticed that. When I write, though, that all goes away. I let…

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Retro Game on the Brain: Rad Racer

After spending some time playing Rad Racer recently, I felt the urge to write a bit about it… and Lucas Barton.


I didn’t really play Rad Racer too much until 2012, when I got my NES for my 40th birthday. In past years of owning an NES, during the 1990s, I had played the game sparingly. I never really got too far– maybe to the second stage, if I happened to run well– and I just cast it aside as an early NES game that really didn’t matter much. Instead, I played other racing games, such as R.C. Pro-Am or Su…

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